3 Super Easy Ways to Organise Your Bedlinen

How many times have you struggled to find the right bedsheets? Or have started to put on a bottom sheet only to find out it's the wrong size!? It can be very frustrating. It doesn't seem to matter if you have 1 bed in your house, or multiple. The chances are, you'll have more than a few sets of bedding. Following a request from one of my closest friends and old colleagues, Jess, I thought I'd share my top 3 idea's for storing bedsheets.

If you've looked at any of my instagram posts, you'll see that the first thing I always recommend is getting all of the items you are sorting together. It can be surprising to see how much you actually have when you see it all and organising is so much easier when you have less stuff.

Next, edit out what you no longer need or love. Let's face it, do you need to have 3 different sets of bedlinen for one bed? I would recommend having 2, that way you can change to the spare set on wash day.

For children, you might want to have 2 or 3 depending on their age. You never know when you might need that spare set in the middle of the night!


1) If you have multiple sets of bedding to store, the easiest way to organise your sets is to keep matching bedsheets together inside the co-ordinating pillowcase. Neatly fold the bottom sheet, duvet and pillowcases and place them all inside a single pillowcase and you'll have everything you need together next time you need to make the bed - simple!

2) Another simple way to organise would be by category. Keeping all bottom sheets together, pillowcases together and so forth. This would work well if you have bedsheets all of the same colour, or if you don't mind a bit of a mix and match!

If you use pretty storage bins or baskets, you can file fold your bedding to see what you have easily. Check out this video by expert Marie Kondo on the best way to fold.


3) If you are really short on storage space, a surprisingly simple place to store bedsheets would be under your mattress itself.

Fold as thinly as possible and simply pop under your mattress on top of your bed boards.

Pop a tumble dryer sheet in with your bedding to keep it smelling fresh.

So there we go, how do you like to store your bedding? Do you have any tips you would like to share? If so, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading, until next time!

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