Our Bathroom Renovation & Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clutterfree

Back in October 2018, we had our bathroom renovated. These pictures were taken today, and I think it's testament to the brilliant designer at Ripples and our wonderful builder, Mitch Foster Refurbishments that I still absolutely love the bathroom and wouldn't change a thing about it.

We went with Ripples because I can find it very hard to make a decision and I wanted somebody who would do the design for me and recommend which products would work best for our budget. It was the first work we'd had done in our house, so I wanted it to go well and not put us off any future projects.


The bathroom we have now is made up of two small adjoining rooms, we had a small ensuite for our master bedroom, and then a separate family bathroom next door. Neither rooms were big enough, they were cramped with not enough storage and pretty dated. The cabinet in our ensuite was a decent size, but it was so close to the shower cubicle that you couldn't access it unless you stood to the side - not ideal!

Our house still has two other ensuites, so we really didn't need the extra room but knew that a larger main bathroom would feel luxurious and be a much needed space for a busy family.

The Old Bathrooms

So, we decided to take out the wall in-between the two rooms and create one big bathroom.

The total work was a little under four weeks. If you've had work done, you know the kind of hellish disruption you get from knocking walls down; It was a very messy, dusty and noisy month, but well worth the wait...

By the time the bathroom was done, I was determined to keep it clutter free. I wanted it to stay nice for as long as possible. This is no easy feat, bearing in mind four people use this space daily, plus I frequently have to bath the puppy as he has a tendency to go swimming in the smelliest, muddiest lakes!

Please excuse little old me in the corner, because of the large mirror, I couldn't get out of the shot!

This sink unit has got four drawers which and has just the right amount of space for us. I keep the shower and the unit tops bare for ease of cleaning (I have OCD and clean the sink everyday!) and so I keep our products in the drawers. We have a drawer each, but if you happen to share a drawer, I would recommend splitting the drawer using storage bins so you can keep your products separate. You don't want to be scrambling around looking for your things.

Simple drawer inserts keep things neat; plastic ones are particularly useful in a bathroom as they can be easily wiped down.

Try to keep your products categorised, this is even more important if you have lots of products. I.E. hair products together, face wash and creams etc.

In my husband, Rob's drawer, I've separated his contact lenses as he has different prescriptions for each eye, and kept shaving bits together etc.

I am a huge Mrs Hinch fan, and so I of course, have a hinching basket in my bathroom. My drawers are fairly shallow and so instead of wasting valuable drawer space, I bought this cute basket from Ikea and I keep it tucked underneath the sink out of sight.

These beautiful glass bottles are from Etsy from 'The Vintage Jar Co'

Having clear bottles means I can easily see when I need to top up, loads of companies are now selling refills which help save on plastic waste, so good for the environment, with the added benefit of looking fantastic!

I find that having less products in the bathroom has made a huge difference to the look of it, and also how it functions as a space for four people.

I'll share pictures of the kids drawers later on this week. I've got some new storage bins to go in there which should arrive tomorrow - I get super excited with new storage, sad I know!


Have a think about what you keep in your bathroom. Is it all stuff you use on a daily basis?

We end up spending a lot of time in a bathroom, so it's worth thinking about how it can work for you and those you live with to save you time and make it a space you enjoy being in.

If you need help decluttering your bathroom, please let me know. I'd love to help!

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